Logan, Utah A One Hundred Fifty Year History

Posted on April 11, 2016 by Dennis Watkins

We are celebrating the sixth year since the publication of this great history of Logan.  There have been a few smaller histories printed about this great city, but none compares to this book.  Kenneth Godfrey  has covered the history from the founding to a look to the future.  Kenneth talks about the founding families, William Preston, The Thatcher sons, Henry Ballard, James Ellis, Joel Ricks, Barney Stanford, D.W. Davis, Abe Caldwell John E. Jones, Benjamin Williams, Tabitha Ricks, Josiah Hendricks, Joe Leishman, Israel Clark, John B. Thatcher, W.B. Preston, Ralph Smith, Lemuel Mallory, George Watson, Charles Cowley, James Myler, William Steele, George L. Forseth, James Dennis and Big Morgan Evans.  It is amazing how many of these names still have connection to Logan or Utah.  If you live in Logan or have family from Cache Valley you will enjoy reading this great history.  I like the chapter telling the story of the Great Depression as it impacted those living in Logan.  Much of Kenneth's information comes from the pages of The Herald Journal newspaper articles.  When you read his book you can picture the events that shaped this great city.  Thanks Kenneth for your great book.

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