Tapestry, A Story of Two Pioneer Women, by Dawnell Hatton Griffin

Posted on July 15, 2016 by Dennis Watkins

This book was originally published in 1989, and has long been out of print, now it has been revised and is once again available.  Darnell Griffin has given us a marvelous history of two pioneer women.  Most histories concentrate on the men from the past, now we get an invitation into the lives of two pioneer women.  This history includes information about the families of Sheffield, Tindell, Moore, Morrey, Hatton, Robison, Miller and Lang.  

In the introduction Darnell states: "In writing this book, I wanted to focus on the history of my pioneer grandmothers who married multiple times and had interpersonal relationships with more than one husband. They are representative of many of their counterparts experiencing marriage, widowhood, divorces and polygamous marriages. They married for love and for convenience, managed blended families, and worked inside and outside of the house as a matter of necessity".

What was it like to be a Mormon pioneer woman in the 19th century in Utah?  I suggest that you read and enjoy this wonderful history.

Kiss The Babies For Me: A Story of an Allred Family by Dawnell Hatton Griffin

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